I Got a “B-” on “What is Your Antibiotics IQ?”

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You did pretty well! You’re more knowledgeable than most people when it comes to your awareness and understanding of the antimicrobial resistance crisis. You’re somewhat aware of the consequences of antibiotic misuse, and you’re probably not one to blindly take unnecessary prescriptions. You likely maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure that your immune system is as strong as possible. As a result, you are less likely than most to end up in a compromised situation due to a drug-resistant infection.

Want to Learn More?

Antibiotics backgroundOne of the best defenses you can possibly have against the coming tide of drug-resistant infections is a working knowledge about what your options are to boost your immune system and care for your health, without the use of prescription antibiotics. The Grow Network recently released a brand new video called Treating Infections without Antibiotics that can teach you everything you need to know.

This new video features master herbalist Doug Simons. Doug will share several plants and several methods that you can use to care for infections on your own, without further exposing yourself to the dangers of drug-resistant infections. Doug took care to choose plants that are widely available all across the globe, and plants that are so easy to grow that anyone can keep them alive.

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You CAN treat infections & illness without antibiotics